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St Andrews Beach Brewery is thrilled to announce that their core range of beers can now be found exclusively in 375ml cans. Co-founder and Managing Director Andrew Purchase said the change to cans is an important step forward for the Mornington Peninsula based brewery. 

“Thanks to the support of the local community and visitors to the Mornington Peninsula, we quickly out grew our packaging line.” Andrew says. “Six months ago, after many months of research we made the decision to invest into a new canning line that we will be able to grow into from a production point of view.” 

“Our new canning line has the ability to produce up to 6000 cans per hour, a significant increase from our 500 bottle per hour line. The installation of the new canning line also coincides with the commissioning of four new fermenters and two brite tanks, which will boost our total tank capacity by 22,500L.”

“The commissioning of the new canning line and tanks comes at a great time of year, with the busy summer period just around the corner.” 

Business Development Manager Tim Purchase said that the change to cans aligns with the brewery’s commitment to sustainability. “We have a strong commitment to sustainability and protecting the integrity of our home – the Mornington Peninsula. The change to cans aligns with our sustainability ethos, as cans can be easily recycled and require far less packaging compared to bottles.” 

“The change to cans and increased tank capacity will also allow us to be far more flexible in what we can produce. To date, we haven’t released as many limited release beers as we would of liked so expect to see a number of SABB limited release beers in cans next year.” Tim Purchase said. 

St Andrews Beach Brewery’s core range includes; Pale Ale, Australian Lager, Golden Ale, Pilsner, Session Ale & IPA. St Andrews Beach Brewery’s 375ml cans can now be found in a number of outlets throughout the South East of Victoria. To find your closest stockist, please visit www.standrewsbeachbrewery.com.au/beer-finder.